Theme comes with 7 custom widgets:

  1. richer-Contact
  2. richer-Embed
  3. richer-Facebook
  4. richer-Featured products
  5. richer-Flickr
  6. richer-Portfolio
  7. richer-Sponsor
  8. richer-Twitter
  9. richer-Posts

Which can be found in your WordPress Admin Area under Appearance > Widgets. Here you find several areas where you can drop the widgets. In the Footer Area you can drop up to 4 Widgets, which will be displayed next to each other. The “Blog Sidebar” is the sidebar area of the Blog section.

If you need to have widgets on the blog sidebar like on the live demo. Use list of codes below.

  1. Search widget (use standard search widget)
  2. Popular posts (use richer-Posts widget)
    • Title: Popular posts
    • Number of items to show: 5
    • Order: Highest to lowest values
    • Order by: Popular
  3. Latest projects (use richer-Portfolio)
    • Title: Latest Project
    • Number of items to show: 6
  4. Simple banner (use standard text widget)
  5. [bannerbox bg_image=”http://www.richer.artstudioworks.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/024-470×640.jpg” bg_color=”#43b4f9″ bg_opacity=”0.8″ border_width=”2″ border_color=”#ffffff” border_opacity=”0.8″ inner_padding=”5″ outer_padding=”10″ min_height=”160″ text_align=”left” target_blank=”true”]
    <h4>Simple banner</h4>
    Morbi sagittis sapien eget eros ultri ces, a convallis ligula aliquam.[/bannerbox]
  6. Recent Tweets (use richer-Twitter widget)
    • Title: Recent Tweets
    • Consumer Key:
    • Consumer Secret:
    • Access Token:
    • Access Token Secret:
    • Cache Tweets in every:
    • Twitter Username:
    • Tweets to display: 3
    • To setup twitter widget fields, follow steps below:
      1. Go to dev.twitter.com, open My Applications-> Create a new application You need to create new app using this link: https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new
      2. Fill out the form and agree with terms and rules.
      3. In Details tab you need to click on Create my access token. You will need Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token, Access token secret in order to make widget workable.


      4. Fill out the form in richer – Twitter widget