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Want Blog image thumbnail to link to post and not lightbox

  • Is there a way to remove the lightbox effect of a blog post thumbnail and instead have it link to the actual blog post? We love how the portfolio treats the images and these thumbs link to the single portfolio. Just want this option to work with the blog roll too.

    If the fix is too detailed, perhaps you could add a BLOG THUMBNAIL behavior option in theme options panel in your next update.

    I’m very glad to at least have found this custom CSS to remove the dark overlay that used to appear over the image upon hover.

    .overlay {
    display: none;

    Now if I could get rid of the lightbox and have it link to the post instead.


    go to \wp-content\themes\richer\framework\inc\post-format\ and copy code from content.php and paste it to content-image.php it will work for image post type and standard post type. If you need it for other post types just replace code.

    Worked perfectly to remove lightbox feature from the blog roll and allow us to display single blog page image -featured image and not have duplicate images. Thank you!

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