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Remocing lighbox from blog images

  • Hi there,
    Is there a way to stop the lightbox effect on the blog images when viewing them as a single post (Image setting).
    Thanks, M


    There is no such way by default.

    Mark – Same problem for my client. They hate the lightbox and want the thumbnail to link to the blog post. Client says this is not a good user experience for the Richer theme.

    Our workaround is to just choose STANDARD for type of blog post. But, then we have to insert the blog image again inside the post’s content at the top. If/when we choose a new theme that handles this properly we’ll have to go back and manually fix every blog post.

    Did you find a fix online? There are other themes that have fixed this. However, it could be fixed quickly in a theme update with a radio button in the theme options panel for BLOG OPTIONS. Just let us set and choose the behavior for the thumbnails.

    BLOG THUMBNAIL BEHAVIOR – ( ) link to lightbox image ( ) link to post

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