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Please provide 24/7 support as advertised

  • I really love your Ocean theme, i feel that it looks so much better than more expensive themes on the market. One of the things i really was happy about was the customer support, as you have advertised below;

    Customer Support

    Because we do want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, we do provide 24/7 premium-class support for all our items. Providing our customers with excellent service has always been our first priority.

    However, i only have had the theme a week and i am not getting immediate or detailed support. My last response to you was Thursday (and another support query raised in between. I have also left a comment on the themeforest page, i’m basically trying to get a response from somewhere, anywhere!) and it is now Sunday, i’ve heard nothing. I have had to put my blog work on hold (which i can not afford to do) as images are not showing fully and some of the things that were on the demo have not imported over into my layout. Surely these are simple queries, yet i am not getting much response. Please do not advertise as 24/7 support when it is not.

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