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Generic WP theme

  • Hi guys, loving the theme. I just have a couple of simple questions that I would like your help with plz.

    1. How can I remove the bread crumb title from appearing at the top of each page?

    2. How could I change the icons that appear on the homepage?

    IE the code currently looks like this:

    [title_box title=”Responsive” icon=”icon-heart”]
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    How can I change this icon to one of my images and maintain the layout / position? (The image is the same size as the current icon)

    Many thanks in advance.


    Thank you for the warm feedback.

    1. Can you please explain what do you mean by “the bread crumb title”? Anyway, if removing/editing some element is not available in default theme options and settings, this should be considered as customization issue.
    2. Icon font is used here. It is not possible to insert custom image to the shortcode. You can try to leave the shortcode icon field blank, and add an image “over” the shortcode. Like:

    [img src=...]
    [title_box title="Responsive" icon=""]
    This is many variations of passages there flow Lorem Ipsum available but the majority

    Thank you.

    Hi and thanks for the reply. Re the Title. I mean the following… on your demo site here: at the top of the page it says “Services” as the page title. I would like to remove the titles from all pages but can not find the code that I need to delete?

    Re adding the image, your sample code does not show an image being inserted? Again I’m unsure how I can add this.

    Can you help.


    Please read our previous comment. Unfortunately we do not provide customization services, we can only point to the right direction. You can hide elements using css. There is a lot of information online. However, if you do not have required skill level, you can use proper customization services. E.g. there is a good option on Enavato – Envato Studio.

    Thank you for understanding.

    I did(!) and hoped for a little more help. Hay ho. I will be sure to reflect on my review.

    Do you happen to have an answer to my other point or is that likely to be blunt also?

    Thank you for your help.

    Dear Steve,

    We hope there is some misunderstanding here.

    The terms of service are described on the item’s page on themeforest: It clearly says that customization services are not included.
    We do provide help within support terms, we always do our best for users. We would like to remind that we have helped you a lot when you contacted us via email. So, we are not sure what review you menioned above and what are you going to reflect there. Anyway, we appreciate and respect all the feedbacks.

    As for your second question, we have provided an example/scheme of code in order to display where you can try to insert an image. It was just an example, so there is no full code for the image source. Moreover, it should contain the link or path to the image you want to insert. How do we know it. If you are not sure how to insert an image, we can recommend not to change any code on your own.

    Please understand that users have different level of skill, and this is not because of us (authors of the theme). When it comes to customization questions (when user wants to change theme files according to his personal needs) authors of the theme should not teach them how to do it or actually do it for them. It is completely separate service. That is why it is provided separately on the same marketplace.

    Thank you again.

    Thanks. Helpful.


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