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Conflict Richer vs Thrive Architet

  • Good morning,
    I bought the thema richer version 2.4.1
    Now I bought the plug in thrive architet, but there are problems.
    In the video you can see that when editing a new page with Thrive Architet, the page is blank.

    But if I do a preview, you can see the content.
    The assistance of trhive highlights this type of error (see this image

    These are their words:
    “Our products are built using the WordPress Codex and follow the same rules.

    You can ask the theme developers for a quick fix for this issue since they have a better knowledge of how the theme is working.”

    Please help me to fix this issue.
    I am on stand by for your answer.

    Best regards.

    Vincenzo Busco

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